IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
5IN-A-103P-A photo(s) availableApache Indian Camp Before Surrender to U.S. Cavalry; 1886
6IN-A-103P-B photo(s) availableCouncil to Arrange Surrender of Apache-Indians; 1886
289IN-A-157PA photo(s) availableApache Chief Geronimo; 1886
293IN-A-158PA photo(s) availableApache Chief Geronimo at Negotiations with Gen. Crook; 1886
206IN-A-158PB photo(s) availableApache Chief Geronimo, Son, & Warriors; 1886
2873MIL-179P photo(s) available9th United States Cavalry, S.L.,C.1901
2882MIL-188P photo(s) availableCqmpany "F", 21st Infantry, Arizona National Guard, at camp in Prescott, Arizona, 1909
2883MIL-189P photo(s) availableCompany "A", First Territorial Volunteer Infantry, at Fort Whipple, Prescott, Arizona, 1898
2846MIL-194P photo(s) availableCompany "B", 11th Infantry at Fort Whipple, Prescott, Arizona, February 1896
2850MIL-197P photo(s) availableCompany "E", First Infantry, at Fort Verde, Arizona, C.1880
2851MIL-198P photo(s) availableCaptain Jerry Russell and Troop "K", Third Cavalry, at Fort Verde, Arizona, 1884
2853MIL-200P photo(s) availableRucker's Apache Indian Scouts, S.L., C.1880
2955MIL-201P photo(s) availableGeneral George Crook with staff, interpreters, and packers, S.L., 1886
2956MIL-202P photo(s) availableNegro soldier with Indian scouts, S.L., C.1890
2957MIL-203P photo(s) availableMickey Free, Scout, S.L., C.1890

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