IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
2989M-160P photo(s) availableMiners, Congress, Arizona, N.D.
3123M-312P photo(s) availableProvidence Mine and Miners, S.L., C.1900
6448PB-001,A-01 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Historic Houses and Buildings, Prescott, Arizona, 1978
11552PB-038,A-01,I-018CP  Sarah ("Sally") Hall Temple and son, J. Martin, on his fourth birthday, November 26, 1938
11553PB-038,A-01,I-018DP  James Martin Temple, Sr., and J. Martin, Jr., fourth birthday, November 1938
13430PB-082,F-004,I-008P  Mrs. James A. Martin, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930
15932PB-152,F-008  Vernon Martin, Joe Marr and Families Members, Prescott, Arizona
4035PO-0431P photo(s) availableRose Martin, S.L., C.1900
5253PO-1738.1P photo(s) availableThe Jack Martin Family, S.L, 1890s
5252PO-1738P photo(s) availableThe Jack Martin Family, S.L., 1900
5255PO-1740P photo(s) availableJ. C. Martin, Editor of Arizona Journal-Miner, Prescott, Arizona, 1880s
5256PO-1741P photo(s) availableJ. W. Martin, S.L., 1895
5258PO-1743P photo(s) availableMr. and Mrs. Jack Martin, Jerome, Arizona, 1890s
5259PO-1744P photo(s) availableJack Martin, Prescott, Arizona, 1890s
5957RR-145P photo(s) availableBuilding the turntable at Poland, Arizona, C.1902

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