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8302PB-012,76-184P  Iola Lange, S.L., C.1922
8307PB-012,76-189P  Iola, Mary and Charles Lange at P Bar Ranch, Walnut Grove, Arizona, C.1920
8335PB-012,76-217P  Mary and Iola Lange, S.L., N.D.
8509PB-012,76-237P  Iola Lange, Flagstaff, Arizona, C.1930
8512PB-012,76-240P  Nora Larremore, Iola Lange, and Edith Johnston, S.L., 1930s
8540PB-012,76-268P  Pike Family Album #3, N.D.
8556PB-012A,F-001P  Miscellaneous photographs of people and places, mostly unidentified, S.L., N.D.
15796PB-146,F-019  Walter Lange Family Members, Prescott, Arizona.

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