IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
1778CI-TN-298P photo(s) availableSmall cabin and landscape, Weaver, Arizona, 1948
16221DB-107,F-004,I-01 photo(s) availableMiller's Creek, Near Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
2502LA-101P photo(s) availableThumb Butte and surrounding area, Prescott, Arizona, 1892-1937
2503LA-102P photo(s) availableNatural Bridge, Tonto Basin, Arizona, N.D.
2504LA-103P photo(s) availableThumb Butte, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930
2505LA-104P photo(s) availableVarious photographs of the Verde River and Verde Valley, Arizona, N.D.
2770LA-105P photo(s) availableHighway, Prescott to Jerome, Arizona, C.1928
2506LA-106P photo(s) availableView of Verde Valley from summit of Mingus Mountain, Arizona, C.1920
2507LA-107P photo(s) availableVerde River, Clarkdale, Arizona, C.1930
2508LA-108P photo(s) availableWalnut Canyon near Flagstaff, Arizona, C.1915
2512LA-112P photo(s) availableRed Rock Country, Oak Creek, Arizona, C.1900
2513LA-113P photo(s) availableColorado River and Lee's Ferry, Arizona, C.1880
2514LA-114P photo(s) availableIron Springs and Gathering, Prescott, Arizona, C.1909
2515LA-115P photo(s) availableJersey Lilly Road, Prescott, Arizona, C.1890
2516LA-116P photo(s) availableScenery and mining activity, Jerome, Arizona, C.1915

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