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2476IN-Y-2108P photo(s) availableYavapai Indian Chieftess, Viola Jimulla, Prescott, Arizona, C.1960
2477IN-Y-2109P photo(s) availableYavapai Indian Chieftess, Viola Jimulla, working on her last basket, Prescott, Arizona, June 8, 1965
11597PB-040,F-004,I-003P  Viola Jimulla at the well at Lucy Miller's Residence, Prescott, Arizona, C.1940
12028PB-053,F-006,I-FP  Viola Jimulla, Prescott, Arizona, August 28, 1964
14787PB-113,F-001,I-003P  Groundbreaking Ceremony, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
15938PB-157 photo(s) availableSlides, Negatives and Album of People, Nature, Landscapes and Places in Prescott, Arizona and Around the State.
12203PO-2504P photo(s) availableViola Jimulla making basket, C.1965
15505PO-2525 photo(s) availablePortraits Include Images of Evelyn and Marion "Nick" Perkins, Fannie Perkins and Viola Jimulla, S.L.
15628PO-2585P  Portrait of Viola Jimulla, S.L.

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