IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
11927PB-052,F-003,I-EP  The Reverend Frederic James, Jan Phillips, and Bill Gray, Prescott, Arizona, October 5, 1964
12139PB-055,F-012,I-BP  Dr. Stanley V. North, the Reverend Howard Stone Anderson, and the Reverend Frederick B. James, Prescott, Arizona, November 17, 1963
12757PB-060,F-006,I-010P  Fred James, Prescott, Arizona, March 10, 1966
15732PB-142,F-003,I-001/11  High School, Graduating Students and Portraits of People, Prescott Arizona
15742PB-142,F-004  Unidentified School Personnel, View of Prescott High School Blue Print, Interiors, Exteriors, and Students, PRescott, Arizona.
15746PB-142,F-008  Various School Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Students in Prescott, Arizona.

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