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1608BU-S-5006P photo(s) availableSan Carlos Indian School Children, C.1890
1557BU-S-5008P photo(s) availableIndian school, Kingman, Arizona, C.1915
1558BU-S-5009P photo(s) availableSt. Michael Indian School, Navajo, Arizona, C.1900
1559BU-S-5010P photo(s) availableIndian school, unidentified, C.1900
1609BU-S-5011P photo(s) availableHavasupai Indian School, C.1890
1576BU-S-5033P photo(s) availableIndian School, and students, Camp Verde, Arizona, C.1912
1623BU-S-5053P photo(s) availableSan Carlos Indian School in distance with Indian children in foreground, N.D.
1624BU-S-5072P photo(s) availablePima Indian school, Catholic School, and Mission at Gila Crossing on the reservation, C.1903
1625BU-S-5073P photo(s) availableUnidentified Indian School, C.1900
1631BU-S-5082P photo(s) availableIndian-School, Parker, Arizona, C.1910

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