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2IN-A-100P photo(s) availableApache Indian Women Delivering Hay to Quartermaster; San-Carlos, Arizona, 1887
7IN-A-103P-B2  Apache-Indians on Horseback; 1886
12IN-A-104P photo(s) availableGroup of Apache Indian-Scouts; C.1880
16188IN-A-105P photo(s) availableApache Man with War Bow & Arrows, c. 1880s
13IN-A-105P-A  Apache Indian Male in Studio; C.1880
14IN-A-107P photo(s) availableMescalero Apache Chief; C.1880
15IN-A-108P photo(s) availableApache Indian Women at Anglo Gathering; C.1900
234IN-HO-501C-G  Hopi Snake Dance; C.1900
233IN-HO-501PA  Hopi Snake Dance; N.D.
202IN-HO-501PB  Hopi Snake Dance; 1901
237IN-HO-504PB  Hopi Maiden, Walpi, Arizona, 1889
273IN-HO-525P  Navajo Kachina Dance at Hopi Village; N.D.
275IN-HO-529PA-C  Hopi Kachina Dance; C.1890
2153IN-HO-535P photo(s) availableHopi woman in traditional dress, S.L., C.1900
2218IN-HO-536P photo(s) availableHopi Maidens at Village S.L.,

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