IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
850BU-B-8245P photo(s) availableHartin Apartments, Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1940
16187IN-A-101P-A photo(s) availableHomes of Scouts, San Carlos, Arizona, c. 1880s
9IN-A-101P-B photo(s) availableApache Indian Farms San-Carlos, Arizona; C.1880
8IN-A-101P-C photo(s) availableApache Indian Men & Women; San-Carlos, Arizona; N.D.
3IN-A-101P-D photo(s) availableApache Indian Wickiup; N.D.
1IN-A-103P-C photo(s) availableIndian Camp; 1886
303IN-A-169PA-D photo(s) availableApache Encampment; C.1900
322IN-H-403P photo(s) availableHavasupai Woman Grinding Corn; C.1890
233IN-HO-501PA  Hopi Snake Dance; N.D.
262IN-HO-518PA  Oraibi; N.D.
263IN-HO-518PB  Shipaulovi; N.D.
264IN-HO-518PC photo(s) availableMoencopi; N.D.
266IN-HO-519PA-B photo(s) availableMishongonovi; N.D.
2317IN-N-817P photo(s) availableNavajo hogan and summer house on Navajo Reservation, Arizona, C.1930
2321IN-N-820P photo(s) availableNavajo Indians and hogans, Grand Canyon, Arizona, C.1920

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