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898BU-B-8132P photo(s) availableGrey Eagles Stable, McCormick Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1880s
865BU-B-8253P photo(s) availableHassayampa Riding Club, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930
7IN-A-103P-B2  Apache-Indians on Horseback; 1886
3353MISC-134P photo(s) availablePicnic outing at Castle Hot Springs, Arizona, 1930s
14978PB-095,F-006  90 photographs of a Gymkhana with horses performing, people unidentified, 1961
14979PB-095,F-007  Arabian Horses Performing with Bill Mahoney and other Unidentified People, Chino Valley, Arizona.
14980PB-095,F-008  Fort Verde Days, Camp Verde, Arizona.
14136PB-095,F-009P  Gymkhana, horseback riding, Mountain Club, Prescott, Arizona, July, 1961
14986PB-096,F-010,I-002  Kathy Kieckhefer with Her Reserve Champion Quarter Horse, Prescott, Arizona.
14902PB-108,F-005  Photo Album from Bit and Bridle Club of Prescott, Arizona.

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