IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
3352AN-003P photo(s) availablePet deer, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
1996FI-102P  Dudes, #2 Team, Volunteer Fire Department, Prescott, Arizona, 1887
3089M-294P photo(s) availableDedication of new shaft of Great Peck Mine, Yavapai County, Arizona, September 3, 1903
15972PB-164,F-024 photo(s) availableCattle Growers Association Meeting and Miller Valley School Class Prescott, Arizona.
13310PO-1069P photo(s) availableYavapai Cattle Growers Association sitting on steps of courthouse, Prescott Arizona 1921
4850PO-1274P  Ray Hill, Prescott, Arizona, 1880s

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