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7250PB-004,77-169.0598P  Taylor Hicks, dentist, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
11882PB-051,F-005,I-FP  Dr. Taylor Hicks, Sr., at work in his office, Prescott, Arizona, 1960s
12023PB-053,F-006,I-AP  Richard Reese, Jr. receiving Eagle Scout Award from Dr. Taylor Hicks, Prescott, Arizona, July 6. 1964.
12048PB-055,F-010,I-DP  Dr. Taylor Hicks, Sr., at Taylor Hicks School, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
12316PB-056,F-008,I-001P  Phillip Waalkins, Fr. Taylor Hicks, and other members of Boy Scout Troop, Prescott, Arizona, February 14, 1966
12890PB-062,F-007,I-004P  Interior and exterior of Taylor Hicks School, Prescott, Arizona, July 1963
13153PB-070,F-008,I-005P  Taylor Hicks and Dave Hing of Kiwanis Club, Prescott, Arizona, October 5, 1965
15670PB-132,F-004,I-001/5 photo(s) availableHoward Krosen and Elva Cramer, Prescott Arizona; Walter Duncan Jump across the Grand Canyon and United States Tire Company Ads; Taylor Hicks Family, Prescott, Arizona; 1930 Snowstorm Downtown Prescott, Arizona; Music Class, S.L.
15746PB-142,F-008  Various School Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Students in Prescott, Arizona.
6072PB-145,F-014 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Ten Views of Prescott, Arizona and Poulson Family. Complete List of Photographs in Folder.
15822PB-147,F-009 photo(s) availableVarious People and School Related Images, Mayer, Prescott, Arizona.
4501PO-1010P photo(s) availableGroup photo in City Council Chambers, Prescott, Arizona, 1960s

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