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2068H-102P photo(s) availableDecomposing body hanging from tree, S. L., C. 1900
2069H-103P photo(s) availableExecution of Mr. Malone at Old Sheriff's Office, Prescott, Arizona, March 15, 1878
2071H-105P photo(s) availableHanging of Hilario Hildalgo and Francisco Rentezia for murder of Charlie Goddard and Frank Cocke, Prescott, Arizona, 1904
15848PB-148,F-005  Rudy Espinosa Family and Places Collection, Prescott, Arizona.
4478PO-0990P photo(s) availableManuel Aviles, first man hung for murder in Arizona, S.L., C.1875
4517PO-1025P photo(s) availableDennis, Georgia, Fern and John Dilda, Prescott, Arizona, December 1885
4534PO-1041P photo(s) availableFrancisco Rantaria, S.L., N.D.

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