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583BU-B-8059P photo(s) availableBrisley Drug Store and George H. Cook Jeweler on Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1890s
527BU-B-8214P photo(s) availableStephen and Hoover Meat Market, Gurley Street, 1903
1676C-107P photo(s) availableMasonic Cemetery, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
2070H-104P  Hanging of Fleming Parker, Prescott, Arizona, 1897
201IN-HO-526P photo(s) availableSpectators at Hopi Dance; C.1880
200IN-HO-527P photo(s) availableHopi Adults & Children; 1899
2283LA-154.1P photo(s) availableGranite Dells, Prescott, Arizona, 1905
2598LA-164P.J  Grand Canyon, Arizona, C.1900
2285LA-168P photo(s) availableGranite Dells, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
210M-400PA-R photo(s) availableUnidentified Mine Camps; C.1890
15942PB-160,F-001 photo(s) availableGardner and Gist Family Members, Views of Town and Surrounding Area, Prescott, Dewey, Skull Valley and Kingman, Arizona.
3840PO-0308P photo(s) availableMary Jane Clough, Prescott, Arizona, 1897
3848PO-0316P photo(s) availableAlice Day, Prescott, Arizona, C.1896
3989PO-0391P photo(s) availableHelen Wells Heap, Prescott, Arizona, 1894-1961
4003PO-0404P photo(s) availableCora Weaver Johns, Prescott, Arizona, C.1890

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