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2894M-101P photo(s) availableSharlot Hall, James Hall, and others panning for gold on Lynx Creek, Prescott, Arizona, C.1897
3214M-350P photo(s) availableHydraulic mine, Lynx Creek, Yavapai County, Arizona, 1890
11517PB-038,A-01,I-005DP  James Joyce Hall, S.L., C.1906
11520PB-038,A-01,I-008BP  James Joyce Hall, Blair, Nevada, 1908
12597PB-059,F-001BP  Sharlot Hall photos used in 1989 publication of "Cactus and Pine," Prescott, Arizona, 1990-1925
3667PO-0152P photo(s) availableThe James K. Hall Family, Prescott, Arizona, January 30, 1905
3672PO-0157P photo(s) availablePhotos of Sharlot Hall on various trips around the state of Arizona, C.1913
3703PO-0177P photo(s) availableSharlot and James K. Hall, Dewey, Arizona, 1920s
3704PO-0178P photo(s) availableJames K. Hall, S.L., 1900-1920
3706PO-0180P photo(s) availableJames and Adeline Hall in garden, Orchard Ranch, Dewey, Arizona, 1918
3710PO-0184P photo(s) availableJames K. Hall, Orchard Ranch, Dewey, Arizona, 1920's
4184PO-0568P photo(s) availableSharlot and James Hall with Alice Hewins (?), S.L., C.1925
4186PO-0570P photo(s) availableSharlot and James Hall and Alice Hewins climbing Sunset Crater, Arizona, C.1915
4271PO-0755P  Matt Hall, S.L., N.D.
5906PO-2414P photo(s) availableFuneral of James Hall, Orchard Ranch, Dewey, Arizona, 1925

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