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15287BU-G-0533P photo(s) availableDedication of Prescott City Hall by Barry Goldwater, Frank Tutt, and Paul Fannin, Prescott, Arizona
8675PB-014,F-007,75-148NP  Barry M. Goldwater Speaking to Future Farmers of America Meeting, S.L., 1952
8816PB-015A,F-001,75-323NP  Dedication of City Hall, Prescott, Arizona, 1962
9771PB-020,F-033,I-004P  Barry M. Goldwater and Mrs. J. Culley, S.L., 1964
10604PB-022A,F-020,I-006P  T. O'Brien, Charles Bennett, and Senator Barry M. Goldwater, Prescott, Arizona, 1958
11816PB-049,F-001,I-005P  Barry M. Goldwater, Phoenix, Arizona, N.D.
12225PB-056,F-001,I-022P  John Haugh, Jack Williams, and Barry M. Coldwater, Prescott, Arizona, August 15, 1966
14116PB-093,F-003,I-001P  Barry M. Goldwater at Frontier Days Celebration, Prescott, Arizona, July 1964
14119PB-093,F-003,I-004P  Kiddie Parade and Rodeo, Prescott, Arizona, July 1963
14186PB-100,F-001P photo(s) availableFrontier Days Parade, Prescott, Arizona, July 1964
14941PB-126,F-002,I-006P  Barry M. Goldwater on Horseback, Prescott, Arizona, 1963.
15660PB-131,F-003  Weaver Family Photographs Includes Other People, Prescott, Arizona.
15787PB-146,F-010  Frank Waldron and Family, S.L.; Street, Wagon and Pack Train, Jerome, Arizona.
15833PB-147,F-020  People, Places, Cultural and Tourism Sites in Arizona.
149PO-0931PA-C photo(s) availableBarry M. Goldwater in Parade; Prescott, Arizona, C. 1960

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