IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
218CI-TN-116PA-C photo(s) availableMineral Park, Arizona C1880
432CI-TN-118PA-D photo(s) availableMartinez, Arizona; C.1900
1793CI-TN-228P photo(s) availableStanton, Arizona, C.1950
1738CI-TN-256P photo(s) availableHumboldt, Arizona, C.1880
1739CI-TN-257P photo(s) availableRuins of Charleston, Arizona, C.1920
1759CI-TN-278P photo(s) availableRuins of Drake, Arizona, September 1955
2590LA-180P photo(s) availableStone Corral Ruins, Weaverville, Arizona, 1969
3231M-432P photo(s) availableUnion Mine, Mohave County, Arizona, C.1915

Found 8 occurances

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