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1666C-131P photo(s) availableGrave of John C. Fremont, Rockland Cemetery, New York, 1985
6448PB-001,A-01 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Historic Houses and Buildings, Prescott, Arizona, 1978
4293PO-0772.1P photo(s) availableJohn Charles Fremont and Frank Fremont, S.L., N.D.
6203ST-155P photo(s) availableGurley Street looking east, showing Elks Theatre and Fremont House, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
6208ST-160P photo(s) availableSouth Cortez Street from top of courthouse, showing Bank of Arizona, Fremont House, George Curry Jewelry, etc. , Prescott, Arizona, 1880s.

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