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2032FT-101P photo(s) availableTwenty-Mule Team, Death Valley, California, C.1920
2033FT-102P photo(s) availableJoe Norwood and Pete Diskin hauling for Crown King Mine, Crown King, Arizona, C.1916
2034FT-103P photo(s) availableWagons at railroad yard, Prescott, Arizona, 1900
2035FT-104P photo(s) availableWagons on Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1870
2036FT-105P photo(s) availableMoving day, Prescott, Arizona, C.1894
2037FT-106P photo(s) availableB. H. Weaver and the Weaver Transfer Wagons, Prescott, Arizona, C.1890
2038FT-107P photo(s) availableFreight Wagons on Montezuma Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1880
2039FT-108P photo(s) availableFreighting on Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1877
2040FT-109P photo(s) availableMexican Freight Team, Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1870
2041FT-110P photo(s) availableFreighting Teams, Prescott, Arizona, C.1890
2042FT-111P photo(s) availableWagons mired down between Prescott and Phoenix, Arizona, C.1870
2043FT-112P photo(s) availableFreight wagons in Prescott, Arizona, C.1890
2044FT-113P photo(s) availableAquirre's Team near Willcox, Arizona, C.1890
2045FT-114P photo(s) availableJames Cash Freight Team, Castle Hot Springs, Arizona, C.1900
2046FT-115P photo(s) availablePrairie Schooner, Prescott, Arizona, C.1880

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