IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
11674PB-041,F-006,I-002P  Carl Johnson player on New Orleans Saints football team, New Orleans, Louisiana, N.D.
15748PB-142,F-010 photo(s) availableVarious Elementary, Junior High, and High School Scenes; Teachers, Adult Classes, Football Team, Orchestra, Classrooms, World War II Stamp Buying, Prescott, Arizona.
15752PB-142,F-015 photo(s) availablePrescott High School Football Teams and Class Photo, Prescott, Arizona.
15794PB-146,F-019/20  Ensminger, Ritter and Flinn Family Members, Prescott, Ashfork, Tucson and Sycamore Canyon, Arizona.
15810PB-146,F-030 photo(s) availableMosher Family, Nurses and Sanitarium, Busineses, Prescott, Arizona.
15818PB-147,F-006 photo(s) availableFitsgerald Family Friends, Residences, Police Officers, Prescott, Arizona.
15822PB-147,F-009 photo(s) availableVarious People and School Related Images, Mayer, Prescott, Arizona.
15849PB-148,F-008  Fain Family Collection Members and Places, Prescott, Arizona.
15895PB-150,F-004,I-009/20 photo(s) availableKent Family Members, Prescott and Florence, Arizona.
4852PO-1276P  The high school football team, Prescott, Arizona,1909
4727PO-1401P photo(s) availablePrescott Football Team, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
5770PO-2271P  1927 Prescott High School Football Team: The Badgers; Prescott, Arizona.
3421SP-R-104P photo(s) availablePrescott Football Team, Prescott, Arizona, 1908-1910
3499SP-R-105P photo(s) availableHigh school football team, Prescott, Arizona, c. 1935; football game in city park, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.

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