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5IN-A-103P-A photo(s) availableApache Indian Camp Before Surrender to U.S. Cavalry; 1886
6IN-A-103P-B photo(s) availableCouncil to Arrange Surrender of Apache-Indians; 1886
7IN-A-103P-B2  Apache-Indians on Horseback; 1886
1IN-A-103P-C photo(s) availableIndian Camp; 1886
2137IN-A-149P photo(s) availableThree Apache Scouts, including "The Apache Kid," Tombstone, Arizona, 1886
2142IN-A-156P photo(s) availableGeronimo in council with General George Crook and others, S.L., 1886
207IN-A-157PC  Apache Chief Geronimo on Horse; N.D.
293IN-A-158PA photo(s) availableApache Chief Geronimo at Negotiations with Gen. Crook; 1886
206IN-A-158PB photo(s) availableApache Chief Geronimo, Son, & Warriors; 1886
205IN-A-179P photo(s) availableApache Children & Adults & Captured White Boy; 1886
2955MIL-201P photo(s) availableGeneral George Crook with staff, interpreters, and packers, S.L., 1886
3013MIL-234P photo(s) availableGeneral George Crook's Camp in the Huachuca Mountains, Arizona, C.1880
6633PB-002,A-05  Geronimo, The Apache Chief, S.L., C.1886
3712PO-0186P photo(s) availableGeorge Warren, Discoverer of the Copper Queen Mine, S.L., 1870s
4047PO-0443P photo(s) availableJennie Miles, S.L., 1870s

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