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1376BR-113P photo(s) availableGranite Creek Bridge, Creek at Flood Stage, Prescott, Arizona, 1908
1933DAM-104P photo(s) availableLynx Creek Reservoir after flood, Prescott, Arizona, 1891
1944DAM-117P photo(s) availableWalnut Dam after flood, Walnut Grove, Arizona, February, 1900
1946DAM-119P photo(s) availableSurvivors of the flood, Walnut Dam, Walnut Grove, Arizona, February 21, 1890
1956DAM-129P photo(s) availableCastle Hot Springs Dam & flood water, Yavapai County, Arizona, C.1930
2646LA-240P photo(s) availableSalt River in flood, S.L., N.D.
3360LA-359P photo(s) availableMajor flood, eastern Yavapai County, Arizona, September 3, 1907
8438PB-013,F-004,75-038NP  Rain damage at New River, Arizona, 1957
10987PB-026,A-01,I-036/37P  Walnut Grove Dam after destruction, Yavapai County, Arizona, C.1890
11310PB-036,A-03,I-009,32P  Mexican camp after the floods, Phoenix, Arizona, February, 1890
6072PB-145,F-014 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Ten Views of Prescott, Arizona and Poulson Family. Complete List of Photographs in Folder.
5943RR-131P photo(s) availableTrain wreck due to heavy rain and flooding, Flores Station near Congress Junction, Arizona, 1927
5944RR-132P photo(s) availableSummer flooding at Redrock Station of Southern Pacific Railroad, Redrock, Arizona, C.1905
3354T-209P photo(s) availableGeorge Edward Meany's car in flooding Granite Creek, Prescott, Arizona, April 17, 1917

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