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14446PB-122,F-004,I-013P  Ferry Crossing, Parker, Arizona, 1921.
15779PB-146,F-001 photo(s) availableVarious People, Whipple Barracks, LaGuardia Band, Ehrenburg Ferry, S.L. and Prescott, Arizona.
6249T-105P photo(s) availableFerryboat opposite Fort Yuma, Arizona, C.1880
6251T-107P photo(s) availableScanlon's Ferry, Colorado River, Mohave County, Arizona, 1880s
6370T-157P photo(s) availableScanlon Ferry on the Colorado River, Arizona, 1890s
6374T-161P photo(s) availableRailroad bridge and ferries Gila, Colorado and Cocopah, Yuma, Arizona, 1880s
6382T-169P photo(s) availableFerry boat, Parker, Arizona, 1920s

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