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1642BU-S-5056P photo(s) availablePrescott Freshman High School Class, Prescott, Arizona.
3608PO-0102.1P  Portraits of Egbert Knox Dutcher, S.L., 1890 and 1894
3609PO-0102.2P  Egbert Knox Dutcher at four months of age, Olean, New York, 1885
3607PO-0102P photo(s) availableDr. Egbert W. Dutcher, S.L., N.D.
3849PO-0317P photo(s) availableIda Dtucher, Grand Canyon, Arizona, C.1895
3850PO-0318P photo(s) availableIda Dutcher and others, Grand Canyon, Arizona, August 16, 1907
3851PO-0319P photo(s) availableDr. Egbert Dutcher and family in Buggy in front of their house, Prescott, Arizona, August 1,1885

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