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1062BU-RE-4047P photo(s) availableDoctor John McNally Residence, Prescott, Arizona, 1903
1175BU-RE-4063P photo(s) availableDoctor Sewall residence, Prescott, Arizona, 1890
1178BU-RE-4066P photo(s) availableJ. C. Martin residence, Prescott, Arizona, 1890s
1182BU-RE-4070P photo(s) availableDoctor Keith Swetnam residence, Poland, Arizona, 1910
1189BU-RE-4077P photo(s) availableDoctor Egbert Dutcher residence, Prescott, Arizona, 1896
1314BU-RE-4113P photo(s) availableDoctor James Soderstrom residence, Prescott, Arizona, 1970s
1337BU-RE-4137P photo(s) availableDoctor Kendall residence, Prescott, Arizona, 1878
1659C-128P photo(s) availableGrave of Doctor I. W. and Emily W. Smith, Beaumont, California, C.1948
3902O-146P photo(s) availableElks Lodge, Prescott, Arizona, March 25, 1908
7127PB-004,77-169.0475P  The Doctor J. W. Griswold Family, Prescott, Arizona, 1950s
7261PB-005,77-169.0608P  The Doctor Hinshaw Family, Prescott, Arizona, 1950s
12256PB-056,F-002,I-024P  Former Indian Ambassador Doctor Mohen Sinha Menta and Robert Buckholf, Prescott, Arizona, April 14, 1966
14285PB-107,F-003,I-001P  Doctors' Residences, Fort Whipple, Prescott, Arizona, C.1920
9265PB-124,F-005 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Ten images of James and Juanita Soderstrom and various view of United States Veterans Hospital at Fort Whipple and doctors, Prescott, Arizona 1919-1955. Complete listof images in folder.
15806PB-146,F-027 photo(s) availableVarious People, and Staff at Whipple VA Hospital, Prescott, Arizona.

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