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1996FI-102P  Dudes, #2 Team, Volunteer Fire Department, Prescott, Arizona, 1887
2012FI-118P  Dudes Hose Company #2, fire department, Prescott, Arizona, C.1890
2070H-104P  Hanging of Fleming Parker, Prescott, Arizona, 1897
2997MIL-228P photo(s) availableGovernor's Guard, Company A, First Arizona Regiment, 1889
3888O-131P photo(s) availableElks Lodge Members on Steps of Old Yavapai County Courthouse, Prescott, Arizona, January, 1902
3902O-146P photo(s) availableElks Lodge, Prescott, Arizona, March 25, 1908
5449PO-1953P photo(s) availableJoe Dillon, Prescott, Arizona, 1880s

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