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1454BU-I-0152P photo(s) availableConsolidated Telephone & Telegraph Electric interior, Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona, June 17, 1911
11066PB-028,A-05,I-001P  Frank Lewis Delvin, telephone company manager, Prescott, Arizona, C.1912
11068PB-028,A-05,I-003P  Frank, Hildah, and Jerome Delvin, Prescott, Arizona, 1910-1912
11069PB-028,A-05,I-004P  Delvin Family at Granite Dells and Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona, 1911
11072PB-028,A-05,I-007P  The Delvin Family and Mr. and Mrs. G. Cartmell at the Hassayampa River Bridge near Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
11073PB-028,A-05,I-008P  The Devlin Family and Mr. and Mrs. G. Cartmell picnicking near Prescott, Arizona, 1910
11157PB-028,A-05,I-015/17P  Operators and manager of Consolidated Telephone, Telegraph, and Electric Company, Prescott, Arizona, 1911
11158PB-028,A-05,I-018P  Delvin Family and Mrs. J. Deming at the Deming Ranch near Prescott, Arizona, C.1910

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