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623BU-B-8012P photo(s) availableWilliams Sawmill and Dam, Williams, Arizona, 1915
491BU-B-8014P photo(s) availableClark & Adams Sawmill, Groom Creek, Arizona, 1880s
3493BU-B-8321P photo(s) availableClark and Adams Sawmill near Prescott, Arizona, C.1885
1785CI-TN-220P photo(s) availableTown before construction of dam, Roosevelt, Arizona, C.1900
1930DAM-101P photo(s) availableMaier Dam & Reservoir, Miller Valley, Arizona, C.1909
1931DAM-102P photo(s) availableMen at work on city water works, Marier Dam, Miller Valley, Arizona, C.1890
1932DAM-103P photo(s) availableLynx Creek Dam, built by Barlow-Massicks, Yavapai County, Arizona, C.1890
1933DAM-104P photo(s) availableLynx Creek Reservoir after flood, Prescott, Arizona, 1891
1934DAM-105P photo(s) availableDiversion Dam, Granite Reef, Arizona, C.1900
1935DAM-106P photo(s) availableLower portals of Hoover Dam, near Las Vegas, Nevada, C.1920
1936DAM-107P photo(s) availableGranite Basin Lake & Dam, Prescott, Arizona, C.1940
1937DAM-108P photo(s) availableWork by Civilian Conservation Corps on Granite Basin Dam, Prescott, Arizona, 1939
1938DAM-109P photo(s) availableGoldwater Dam, WPA Project, N.D.
1939DAM-110P photo(s) availablePressure pipe, Cottonwood Dam, Cottonwod, Arizona, C.1920
1940DAM-113P photo(s) availableLower camp, Walnut Dam, Walnut Grove, Arizona, C.1880

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