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6436PB-002A,A-08  Miscellaneous photos of various subjects and unidentified people; Prescott, Flagstaff, Jerome, Montezuma Well, Salome, and Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1930-1939.
6695PB-004,77-169.0082P  Jean Gibson, cowboy, Prescott, Arizona, 1948
8330PB-012,76-212P  Group of cowboys at Stanton, Arizona, 1922
9717PB-022A,F-008,I-009P  Unidentified cowboy and son, S.L., 1953
11891PB-051,F-007,I-CP  Unidentified Cowboys, S.L., N.D.
12344PB-057,A-01,I-003P  Cowboys, Camp Cady, New Mexico, 1918
12369PB-057,A-01,I-030P  A saddling chute and unidentified cowboys, S.L., N.D.
12537PB-057,A-02,I-094P  Cowboy on the range, S.L., N.D.
12567PB-057,A-02,I-126P  Cowboys at chuck wagon on range, S.L., N.D.
12671PB-057,A-03,I-032P  Gathering of cowboys, S.L., N.D.
12673PB-057,A-03,I-034P  Cowboys dismounted in the shade of Sycamore trees, S.L., N.D.
12674PB-057,A-03,I-035P photo(s) availableCowboys and ladies dancing. S.L., N.D.
12675PB-057,A-03,I-036/41P  Demonstration of equipment and techniques used by cowboys to gentle horses, S.L., N.D.
13327PB-080,F-003,I-002P  Old Runnels County Cowboys, S.L., September 21, 1910
15312PB-130,F-012,I-011  Cowboys with Hereford Bull used in Frontiers Days Rodeo in Prescott, Arizona.

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