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10752PB-030,A-05,I-003EP  Laura Agard and Winnie Connell at Agard Place, Whittier, California, C.1910
10753PB-030,A-05,I-004P  Laure and Florence Agard and Winnie Connell in Pacific Ocean; Winnie Connell with baby, S.L., C.1909
11507PB-038,A-01,I-003AP  Winnie and Beatrice Connell and Maud Hempstead, Mayer, Arizona, C.1907
11513PB-038,A-01,I-005BP  Mr. Griffer, Beatrice and Winnie Connell, and Tommie McNaughten, Prescott, Arizona, C.1905
11523PB-038,A-01,I-8D,EP  Winnie Connell, Prescott, Arizona, C.1908
3510PO-0760P photo(s) availableSchool Children, Prescott, Arizona, 1890s
5054PO-1207P photo(s) availableWinnie and Beatrice Connell, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
5056PO-1209P photo(s) availablePicnic, Mayer, Arizona, C.1910
5057PO-1210P photo(s) availableWinnie Connell and the Maneth Family, Clarkdale, Arizona, Labor Day, 1924
5060PO-1213P photo(s) availableGarland and Winnie Connell, S.L., C.1912
5064PO-1217P photo(s) availableBob and Winnie Connell, S.L., 1910

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