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2086FI-148P  Volunteer fire department with La France fire truck, Prescott, Arizona, 1927
15275MON-112P photo(s) availableUnveiling of William O. O'Neill Rough Rider Monument, Prescott, Arizona
11077PB-028,A-05,I-012/13P  Bob Connell and Willie Keegan at switchboard of Prescott Electric Company, 1900-1909.
11078PB-028,A-05,I-014P  Telephone operators, Prescott, Arizona, 1909
3800PO-0269P photo(s) availableDaisy Clifford, Bob Connell, and Beatrice Connell Hall, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
3510PO-0760P photo(s) availableSchool Children, Prescott, Arizona, 1890s
5063PO-1216P photo(s) availableBob and Roberta Connell, Poland Junction, Arizona, 1916
5064PO-1217P photo(s) availableBob and Winnie Connell, S.L., 1910
5065PO-1218P photo(s) availableGroup photo at railroad station, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
4873PO-1297P photo(s) availableArizona Power Company Employees, S.L., Labor Day 1927

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