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1381BR-117P photo(s) availableKaibab Trail Bridge over Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona, C.1930
1386BR-122P photo(s) availableHighway and Railroad Bridge over Colorado River, Blythe, California, June 1932
426CI-TN-115P photo(s) availableWater Works; Mohave, Arizona; 1890
1821CI-TN-194P photo(s) availableEhrenburg, Arizona, C.1880
1952DAM-125P photo(s) availableLaguna Dam, California side of Colorado River, C.1920
2513LA-113P photo(s) availableColorado River and Lee's Ferry, Arizona, C.1880
2527LA-126P photo(s) availableBlack Canyon and Colorado River, from observation point, site of Hoover Dam, near Las Vegas, Nevada, C.1930
2599LA-165P photo(s) availableColorado River and Needles Mountains, Mohave County, Arizona, C.1890
8202PB-009,F-005,I-006P  Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1935
8463PB-013,F-007,75-064NP  Colorado River, Arizona, 1930s
9473PB-020,F-020,I-001P  Colorado River downstream from Parker Dam, Yuma County, Arizona, 1948
10670PB-024,I-011/12P  Ferry Boat on the Colorado River, 1920s
10933PB-024,I-064P  Little Colorado River near Winslow, Arizona, 1929
10937PB-024,I-072P  Looking upstream on Colorado River at site of Black Canyon Dam, N.D.
10721PB-029,A-04,I-059P  Colorado River scenes, including boats and dredges, bridges, and unidentified people, N.D.

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