IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
148BU-B-8027PA-C  Yavapai Club; Prescott, Arizona, 1906
168BU-B-8030PA-G  Yavapai Club; Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
182BU-B-8038PA-C photo(s) availableWomans Club; Prescott, Arizona, C. 1920
395BU-B-8072PA-B  Masonic Temple; Prescott, Arizona, 1909;1940
388BU-B-8098PA-B  Knights Templar Parade; Prescott, Arizona, C.1905
860BU-B-8250P photo(s) availableHassayampa Country Club, Prescott, Arizona, 1930
865BU-B-8253P photo(s) availableHassayampa Riding Club, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930
846BU-B-8292P photo(s) availableVerde Golf Club, Cottonwood, Arizona, C.1930
3598O-108P photo(s) availableMickey Mouse Club members in front of Studio Theatre, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
3473O-192P photo(s) availableWomen's craft and sewing clubs, sponsored by Emergency Relief Administration, S.L., 1934
15183PB-011,F-008 photo(s) availableS.R. "Dick" Allan Family Members and views of Prescott, Arizona.
48PO-0884P photo(s) availableTen Old Bachelors Club; Prescott, Arizona, 1890

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