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1908BU-I-0256P photo(s) availableElks Club Lobby & Dining Room interior decorated for Christmas, S.L., C.1930
3539MISC-274P photo(s) availableChristmas card, S.L., C.1910
3555O-171P photo(s) availableChildren's Christmas Party, Elks Lodge, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
6601PB-003,77-194.0066P photo(s) availableInterior of Eckert residence, Groom Creek, Prescott, Arizona, Christmas 1900
9016PB-016A,F-003,75-523NP  Jack Whitney dancing with Mrs. Payne, Prescott, Arizona, Christmas Eve, 1949
9017PB-016A,F-003,75-524NP  Mrs. Keiple, at Old Mill Cafe, Prescott, Arizona, Christmas Eve, 1949
9378PB-020,F-011,I-002P  The Madsen Family, S.L., Christmas 1949
9893PB-021,F-045,I-004P  Carol and Laurel Walker, S. L., Christmas, 1955
10782PB-031,I-011P photo(s) availableGirl Scouts and Brownie Scouts singing Christmas carols, Fort Whipple Veterans Administration Hospital, Prescott, Arizona, 1952.
10842PB-031,I-075P photo(s) availableChristmas decorations on front of main hospital building, Fort Whipple Veterans Administration Hospital, Prescott, Arizona, 1956
11171PB-032,A-01AP  Christmas tree in home of John and Georgia Johnston, Poland, Arizona, C.1908
11226PB-032,A-02,I-037AP  Mildred Johnston and Christmas gifts, Poland, Arizona, C.1908
11304PB-036,A-03,I-004P  Moore Family group, Phoenix, Arizona, Christmas Day, 1890
11414PB-037,A-02,I-001P  Lummis Residence, California, Christmas 1910
11829PB-050,A-01,I-017P  Decorated Christmas tree and gifts, Prescott, Arizona, C.1927

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