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14440PB-122,F-006,I-004P  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Campbell, Prescott, Arizona, 1939.
4351PO-0582P photo(s) availableMrs. Tom Campbell, S.L., June, 1900
4342PO-0583P photo(s) availableGovernor Tom Campbell welcoming King Alfonzo of Spain, S.L., C.1920
4299PO-0584P photo(s) availableGovernor Tom Campbell with Allen (5 years) and Brodie (3 years), S.L., C.1910
4538PO-1045P photo(s) availableCampbell Golden Anniversary, Prescott, Arizona, 1923
4548PO-1055P photo(s) availableGrandmother Campbell, S.L., C.1915
4550PO-1057P photo(s) availableGayle Allen Campbell on wedding trip, S.L., June 20, 1900

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