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3253M-452P photo(s) availableColumbia Mine, owned by Verde Queen Copper Company, Yavapai County, Arizona, C.1900
15017PB-128,F-003,I-001  Governor Thomas Campbell and Mother, Phoenix, Arizona.
4193PO-0575.1P photo(s) availableThomas Campbell as a baby, Prescott, Arizona, C.1900
4191PO-0575P photo(s) availableGovernor Thomas Campbell, S.L., 1890-1930
4194PO-0576P photo(s) availableGovernor and Mrs. Thomas Campbell, Prescott, Arizona, 1939
4195PO-0577P photo(s) availableGovernor and Mrs. Thomas Campbell riding in open car, S.L., C.1910
4196PO-0578P photo(s) availableThomas Campbell in group photo, S.L., C.1916
4112PO-0579P photo(s) availableThomas Campbell and family, Prescott, Arizona, C.1908
4348PO-0580P photo(s) availableGovernor Thomas Campbell, Alvara Obregon (President of Mexico), and others, S.L., 1920s
4342PO-0583P photo(s) availableGovernor Tom Campbell welcoming King Alfonzo of Spain, S.L., C.1920
4299PO-0584P photo(s) availableGovernor Tom Campbell with Allen (5 years) and Brodie (3 years), S.L., C.1910
23PO-0793P photo(s) availableThomas Campbell, Major Stanley, Morris Goldwater; Prescott, Arizona, 1920
5750PO-2251P photo(s) availableThomas E. Campbell, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
5846PO-2350.3P  Thomas Campbell, S.L., N.D.
2758RA-180P photo(s) availableRiver ranch formerly owned by Governor Thomas Campbell in 1920's and Cooper Morgan in 1960's and 1970's, Paulden, Arizona 1992

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