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15745  Interior and Exterior Views of School Classrooms, and Students, Prescott, Arizona.
3319AD-108P photo(s) availableTwo Billboards: "U. S. Defense Bonds;" "They Died With their Boots On", (Movie), Prescott, Arizona, April 27, 1942
3873O-116P photo(s) availableInternational Order of Odd Fellows, Prescott, Arizona, 1920s
12721PB-060,F-004,I-001P  Franklin Brown at the Mt. Union Booster Station, Prescott, Arizona, December 19, 1963
14460PB-117,F-001P photo(s) availableF. W. Foster Family and Friends on Auto Outings, Prescott, Arizona, 1912-1916.
15750PB-142,F-012  Prescott High School Buildings and Construction Scenes, Prescott, Arizona.
15753PB-142,F-016  Prescott Junior High School, Washington School, Lincoln School Student Classroom Scenes, Prescott, Arizona.
15758PB-143,F-004  Album Prescott High School Alumni Class Students, Prescott, Arizona.
4810PO-1198P photo(s) availableGroup photo, S.L., 1910
5417PO-1897P photo(s) availableFrank Goldwin Brown, Grand Master F.&.A.M., S.L., 1921
5659PO-2132P photo(s) availableRotary Club Members, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
5763PO-2264P photo(s) availableCivil Degfense Class, Prescott, Arizona, November 1963

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