IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
6455PB-001,A-02 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Annals of Square Dancing, Prescott, Arizona.
8418PB-013,F-002,75-016NP  Bud Brown and covered chuckwagon, S.L.,1950s
10371PB-022,F-083,I-002P  Bud Brown at Friendly Pines Camp Picnic, Prescott, Arizona, 1954
10160PB-022,F-097,I-002P  Bud Brown at Cowbelles Dance raffle, Prescott, Arizona, 1951
10267PB-022,F-105,I-010P  Bud Brown at Rotary Club Barbecure, S.L., 1952
10280PB-022,F-106,I-011P  Bud Brown's Friendly Pines Camp, Prescott, Arizona, 1952
6393T-180P photo(s) availableBud Brown and his mini-mule hitch pulling Arizona's Bicentennial Wagon, near Yuma, Arizona, January 1976

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