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1083BU-RE-4001P photo(s) availableCol. A. O. Brodie Residence, Prescott, Arizona, 1896
2980MIL-220P photo(s) availableColonels Alex O. Brodie and James H. McClintock on Horseback, S.L., C.1898
3629PO-0122P photo(s) availablePresident Theodore Roosevelt and Governor A. O. Brodie at Grand Canyon, Arizona, C.1900; portrait of Major A. O. Brodie, S.L., N.D.
4391PO-0662P photo(s) availableGovernor Alexander O. Brodie, S.L., 1898-1906
14034XPO-2284P photo(s) availableTheodore Roosevelt and Alexander O. Brodie in group picture of Rough Riders Reunion in New York 1910.

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