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1364BR-101P photo(s) availableLynx Creek Bridge (WPA Project). Old Black Canyon Road, Aug 5, 1936
1365BR-102P photo(s) availableGrove Street Bridge (WPA Project), Showing Yavapai Fuel and Feed and Mercy Hospital, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930
1366BR-103P photo(s) availableAubrey Street Bridge (WPA Project), Prescott, Arizona C.1934
1367BR-104P photo(s) availableGoodwin Street Bridge (WPA Project), Prescott, Arizona C.1930
1368BR-105P photo(s) availableGurley Street Bridge (WPA Project), Prescott, Arizona C.1930
1369BR-106P photo(s) availableSanta Maria River Bridge, Yavapai County, C.1930
1370BR-107P photo(s) availableBridge in Oak Creek Canyon, C.1930
1371BR-108P photo(s) availableRailroad Bridges at Limestone Canyon, C.1900
1372BR-109P photo(s) availableJohnson Canyon Railroad Bridge and Tunnel Near Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1910
1373BR-110P photo(s) availableHells Canyon Bridge and Canyon Diablo Bridge, 1890s to 1930s
1374BR-111P photo(s) availableGranite Creek Bridge Under Construction, C.1910
1375BR-112P photo(s) availableGila River Bridge, C.1920
1376BR-113P photo(s) availableGranite Creek Bridge, Creek at Flood Stage, Prescott, Arizona, 1908
1377BR-114P photo(s) availableCovered Bridge over Hassayampa River near Senator Mine, 1880 - 1920's
1378BR-115P photo(s) availableCovered Bridge on White Spar Road, C.1890

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