IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
2002FI-108P photo(s) availableHook and Ladder Company, Fire Department, Prescott, Arizona, 1895
3880O-123P photo(s) availableMasonic Lodge Members, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
3569PA-120P photo(s) availableFire Department Entry, Armistice Day Parade, Prescott, Arizona, November 1918
15847PB-148,F-004 photo(s) availableJake Weber Family Collection, Prescott, Arizona.
4200PO-0683P photo(s) availableWeaver Family, Prescott, Arizona, 1881
4418PO-0789P photo(s) availableMorris Goldwater in group photo, Prescott, Arizona, 1890s
5075PO-1589P photo(s) availableMr. and Mrs. Fred Brecht, Hedrick Aitken, Prescott, Arizona, 1939
5403PO-1884P photo(s) availableFred G. Brecht, S.L., 1870-1930

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