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1400BU-I-0100P photo(s) availableBashford House, Interior, Conservatiory, Prescott, Arizona, 1893
12656BU-RE-4250P photo(s) available11 photos of the Bashford house on East Gurley Street before it was moved. Prescott, Arizona, 1973.
15298BU-RE-4254P photo(s) availableExterior & Interior Views of Bashford House on 403 East Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona.
16251BU-RE-4260P photo(s) availableBashford House on Gurley Street Prior to Move to Sharlot Hall Museum Grounds, Prescott, Arizona, c.1974
12850PB-062,F-005,I-006P  The Bashford House, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
15666PB-131,F-008  Winter Fountain by Bashford House, Sharlot Hall Museum Prscott, Arizona.
15712PB-135,F-001/4A photo(s) availableGilliam, Miller, Young, Cook Family, People, Places and Businesses in Prescott, Phoenix, Verde Valley, Kingman, Mayer, Arizona and Salt Lake, Utah.
4350PO-0581.1P  William Buffum, S.L., C.1880
4375PO-0653P photo(s) availableCresencia Brecht, S. L., C.1890

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