IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
2506LA-106P photo(s) availableView of Verde Valley from summit of Mingus Mountain, Arizona, C.1920
6448PB-001,A-01 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Historic Houses and Buildings, Prescott, Arizona, 1978
6928PB-004,77-169.0278P  Roy E. Ellis, brakeman, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
6984PB-004,77-169.0311P  Norman and Mary Day, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
7071PB-004,77-169.0348P  Jess Cross, engineer, Prescott, Arizona, C.1950
7157PB-004,77-169.0505P  Thomas Gordon, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
7191PB-004,77-169.0539P  George Holcombe, railroad fireman, Prescott, Arizona, 1950s
7226PB-004,77-169.0575P  W. M. Harris, railroad conductor, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
7348PB-005,77-169.0663P  Byron J. Johnson, railroad conductor, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
7306PB-005,77-169.0674P  Frances and Bernade Jimenez, section hand, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
7605PB-005,77-169.0952P  Sylvester and Elizabeth Metcalf, engineer, Prescott, Arizona, C.1941
7642PB-005,77-169.0989P  Paul Montgomery, telegrapher, Prescott, Arizona, 1950s
7911PB-005A,77-169.1180P  Marvin W. Walden, brakeman, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
8124PB-005B,77-169.1465P  Allen B. Ranson, brakeman, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
8270PB-008,76-301P  Guss Garbarino, Engineer, and Santa Fe Engine #9, Humboldt to Blue Bell Mine, Yavapai County, Arizona, 1920s

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