IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
1372BR-109P photo(s) availableJohnson Canyon Railroad Bridge and Tunnel Near Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1910
709BU-H-7042P photo(s) availableEscalante Hotel, Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1900
1560BU-S-5012P photo(s) availableAsh Fork School, showing children and Hattie Crane, teacher, Ash Fork, Arizona, 1893
2601LA-166P photo(s) availableGrand Canyon, Cataract Route through Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1900
11670PB-041,F-005,I-010P photo(s) availableEngine, railroad depot, and Harvey House, Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1905
11672PB-041,F-005,I-012P photo(s) availableAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway train wreck near Ash Fork, Arizona, 1930s
12833PB-068,F-003,I-002P photo(s) availableBird's-eye view of Ash Fork, Arizona, 1890s
13658PB-083,F-016,I-002P  Della Gania, Ash Fork, Arizona, 1940s
16037PB-086,F-12 photo(s) availableCampbell PAMSETGAAF Collection
14058PB-090,F-003,I-009P photo(s) availableSanta Fe Railway Train wreck below Milepost 390 between Williams and Ash Fork, Arizona, 1930s
14059PB-090,F-003,I-010P photo(s) availableSanta Fe Railway train wreck near Ash Fork, Arizona, 1930s
14065PB-090,F-004,I-004P  Santa Fe Railway freight train near Ash Fork, Arizona, August 1957
14067PB-090,F-004,I-005P  Santa Fe Railway train on bridge over Hell's Canyon near Ash Fork, Arizona, N.D.
14822PB-113,F-004,I-010P photo(s) availableAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Station, Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1908.
14873PB-115,F-001,I-001P  Railroad Depot, Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1900.

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