IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
1687C-119P photo(s) availableGrave of Wales Arnold, Camp Verde, Arizona, N.D.
3277MON-109P photo(s) availableMonument to Wales Arnold at his ranch in Camp Verde, Arizona, N.D.
11413PB-037,A-01,I-020P photo(s) availableWales Arnold, S.L., 1870s
11415PB-037,A-01,I-021P photo(s) availableMrs. Wales Arnold, S.L., 1870s
4313PO-0598P photo(s) availableWales Arnold, S.L., 1880s
4823PO-1247P photo(s) availableMr. and Mrs. Wales Arnold, S.L., 1890s
5836PO-2341P  Wales Arnold, S.L., 1880s

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