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16152BU-RE-4261P photo(s) availableH. D. Aitken Residence at 133. S. Mt. Vernon - winter, Prescott, Arizona, c.1910
1996FI-102P  Dudes, #2 Team, Volunteer Fire Department, Prescott, Arizona, 1887
2008FI-114P  Dude Hose Team, fire department, Prescott, Arizona, July 4, 1891
2997MIL-228P photo(s) availableGovernor's Guard, Company A, First Arizona Regiment, 1889
3894O-137P photo(s) availableWyckoff Club, Prescott, Arizona, 1902
3569PA-120P photo(s) availableFire Department Entry, Armistice Day Parade, Prescott, Arizona, November 1918
10725PB-029,A-07,I-001/8P  Eleventh Annual Picnic of the Spruce Montain Outing Club near Prescott, Arizona, June 23, 1912
10714PB-029,A-07A,I-001/8P  Spruce Mountain Outings Club Picnic near Prescott, Arizona, June 18, 1905
10727PB-029,A-07B,I-001/13P  Spruce Mountain Outings Club Annual Picnic near Prescott, Arizona, June 12, 1910
4179PO-0563P photo(s) availableChildren of the William Claypool, W. W. Ross, and Hedrick Aitken Families, Prescott, Arizona, C.1903
4423PO-0855P photo(s) availableH.D., Mattie, and Douglas Aitken, Mt. Hood, Oregon, August 12, 1925
43PO-0858P photo(s) availableH. D. Aitken & Baby Jean; Prescott, Arizona, 1903
83PO-0860P photo(s) availableH. D. Aitken; Prescott, Arizona, C.1920
111PO-0862PA-B photo(s) availableH.D., Mrs., Kenneth, Douglas, & Jean Aitken; Prescott, Arizona, 1917
20PO-0864P photo(s) available50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Aitken; Prescott, Arizona, 1943

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