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5401PB-002A,A-09  Album of Louis B. Price, S.L., and Prescott, Arizona, 1935-1946
9552PB-020,F-029,I-006P  Airplanes and Parachute Jumpers, Prescott Airport, Prescott, Arizona, 1963
15195PB-040,F-011/13  Landscapes, Troops, Airplanes, Post Battle and Propaganda Scenes Taken in Western Europe during World War I.
14991PB-126,F-011  Prescott Municipal Airport Flight Service Station, Prescott, Arizona, 1958.
15771PB-145,F-005  Scenic Airway Airplane Tours in Navajo Indian Country and First Navajo Pilot, Oraibi and Kayenta, Arizona.
15772PB-145,F-006  Silver Pheasant Mines, Cleator, Arizona; Cross Triangle Ranch, S.L.; National Park Officials, S.L.
6247T-103P photo(s) availableRyan ST 3 Trainer landing at Love Field, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
6361T-147P photo(s) availableJack Lynch and W. A. Clark III with their plane; plane after crash, Clark Airport, Arizona, April and May 1932
6369T-156P photo(s) availableFirst flight from Phoenix to Grand Canyon; first shipment by air of auto parts across Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1930s
6413T-191P  Wreck of the aircraft "Yankee Doodle" near Prescott, Arizona, 1928
3359T-202P photo(s) availableCrash of the Yankee Doodle airplane in the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona, November 3, 1928

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