IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
16395PB-040,F-007 photo(s) availableDial family, friends, and guests in and around Hotel Vendome, Prescott, Arizona, c. 1922-1927
15808PB-146,F-029 photo(s) availableIndividual and Group Family Members, School, Wagon Works and Residence, Prescott, Arizona.
15838PB-147,F-025 photo(s) availableMartin Underhill Photos of Smoki People, Tom Mix, Liquor Still, Prescott and Phoenix, Arizona.
15839PB-147,F-026 photo(s) availableMartin Underhill Photos of First School House, Governors Mansion, Parade, Tom Mix with Doc Pardee, Prescott, Arizona.
5412PO-1892P photo(s) availableCowboy movie, actors unidentified, S.L., 1920s

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